Dawson Louis Theriot / Birth Session / Las Cruces, New Mexico

After a false alarm, jumping the gun, and a race across the country, my mom and I were both able to be present for the birth of my nephew, Dawson Louis. It was quite the journey getting there, but it was worth every second of it to see his sweet little face and watch my sister, her husband, and their son, Wesley, welcome him into the world and into their family.

Mid-sentence while eating breakfast at the kitchen table, her water broke. Chris, Victoria, and I raced to the hospital, which is roughly an hour away from their home and got her checked in. She was hungry, he was tired and not feeling very well, and yet the waiting had just begun. She walked the halls and watched New Girl between contractions to distract herself. She tolerated the pain like a champion and before we knew it, Dawson was here.

“The contractions are getting so much stronger. He’s coming soon!”

“The contractions are getting so much stronger. He’s coming soon!”


I got to experience yet another beautiful thing in that room. Not only did Chris and Victoria welcome a son, but we all got to experience Wesley meeting his little brother. I get the privilege of witnessing children welcoming their siblings often enough, but this was extra special. Wesley was abounding in love and did not want to put his brother down after meeting him.

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Making “sweet eyes” at his baby brother.

Making “sweet eyes” at his baby brother.

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